What is discrimination?

This is a sensitive topic so user discretion is advised.

“What is discrimination?”

    To understand discrimination you have to understand why it exists. “All men are not created equally”. A quote that is far from the truth yet somehow applies to today’s society. Some men are born with higher socioeconomic status than others which allows them to live a life of leisure; some men are born with disabilities or to impoverished families to which they have to make the most of themselves and work hard every day to be free of the chains of poverty. I believe that the very definition of discrimination is people looking down on others. Racism is a prime example of discrimination, people have been blinded thinking that “All men are not created equally”; they do not stop to realize that their judgement only goes skin deep quite literally. People follow previous actions in history without bothering to learn from them. A quote that I think exemplifies this is “Fools learn from their mistakes while wise men learn from history”. We should take the examples of the past and apply it for the future. I believe that nobody is inherently prone to racism at heart but its rather a byproduct of today’s societal norms; we should educate future generations better about dealing with racism and correct societal norms. I find it better to educate future generations by setting precedents for them to follow and proper education through school and in-depth analysis of why racism exists. We cannot advance forward as a society if we are limited by these controversial constraints and for that I think we should start by letting go of past prejudices and look towards the future.

Isaac Alazar – St. Ignatius – DMSF

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