Why you should play Dark Souls

 There are many things that are worth trying out, many hobbies, vacations, and experiences that people should try. There many things that some people would recommend like basketball, violin, and taking a trip to Wyoming. However, what I want to recommend to you, the reader of this blog is the video game Dark Souls. There are two reasons that I mostly believe this game is a must get: the first reason is it’s atmosphere and second is it’s gameplay. 

      The atmosphere in Dark Souls to me can best be described as apocalyptic, depressing, huge, and majestic at the same time. All the areas that you explore in the game are all abandoned and destroyed with the only things left there being enemies and bosses. The areas all give you this sense of sadness. However at the same time all of the areas are huge compared to you the protagonist. Which is why I called all the areas majestic due to how they are kind of beautiful in a way. 

       The second reason why is the gameplay in Dark Souls. The thing that I love the most about Dark Souls gameplay is how challenging it can be. So, since we are talking about challenges let’s talk about the bosses in Dark Souls. Let me get this point across here every single boss in Dark Souls is unique and amazing in their own way (except for the bed of chaos). These bosses are all challenging in one way or another for example Knight Artorias of the Abyss or Gwyn, Lord of Cinder. 

         So these are my most strong reasons for why I believe Dark Souls is a game that you should consider. Since I believe that Dark Souls is a work of art. The reason why is how every single thing about Dark Souls is stellar and amazing (except for the bed of chaos). So these are my reasons why you should play Dark Souls.

Alexander Burak – St. Ignatius – DMSF