The place to go

I am going to state the obvious, Chicago has many things to do. You could play mini golf, you could walk on a room of glass, you could ride on a fast boat, you could even ride on a Ferris wheel. There are many extraordinary places to visit in Chicago like ChinaTown or maybe even food areas. And some of these places are really unique. China Town is really vibrant. You can just feel the culture. Navy Pier is also unique because there are so many things you can do there. They have mini golf, a Ferris wheel, they also have a yacht, but best of all they have a ton of food places. one of My favorite food places in Navy Pier is a pizza place. I do not know what it is called but it is really good. Although it takes a little bit of time for the pizza I think it is worth it because the pizza is really good.

Now that I have talked about some of the really great places to visit in Chicago, I would like to talk about my favorite place to go in Chicago. My favorite place to go in Chicago is a restaurant named Benihana. One reason I like to go to Benihana is because of the really nice menu. the menu has a lot of things from steak to sushi. The next reason I like to go to Benihana is because of the sushi. Usually when I buy sushi from the store I’ll eat it but it isn’t too great. But at Benihana I am constantly craving the sushi there. One of my favorite things to eat at Benihana is the rice. The rice is just so great, it is probably one of the tastiest types of rice I have ever eaten and that’s even competing with my grandma’s rice.

One other reason I like to go to Benihana is because everything is just in a theme of Japanese. And that is also because Benihana is Japanese restaurant. When you walk in of course their is the classic table to ask for your seats but after that you can see everything the interior is just very beautiful and is themed like how restaurants in Japan look. Even the outside of the restaurant does not look like an average restaurant. Sometimes I wonder who designed it because it was probably really hard to design something like that unless you have had experience before with building places that look like they were mad in Japan. One of the last things I like about Benihana is the people working their, everyone is just super vibrant and they are super helpful and sometimes really fun.

My very last and favorite reason why I love to go to Benihana is because of the cooking. If you have never been to Benihana you should go because in Benihana they do not cook like in normal restaurants. In Benihana when you sit at a table they cook food right in front of you. The table you sit in is almost all cooking space. And you might think that cooking in front of you is lame. But now when they cook in front of you they do some really cool things. And you might think what kind of cool things. One of the cool things they cook is the rice. When they cook rice they do a heart trick, and this could be different from your experiences. But in my experience when they cook the rice they form it in the shape of a heart and then they put some kind of triangular shaped spatula under the rice then they push the spatula up a little and it looks like the heart is beating. One of my other favorite tricks is with onions. So first you cut up some onion rings, but then you stack them up from smallest to biggest onion stack, kinda like a volcano shape. After this step you put some kind of liquid through the middle of the onion volcano and then you put a lighter fire right above the onion stack and out comes the FIRE. I like this trick because although you can’t eat the onion I just like that you can make a volcano with onions.  Now this last one is my personal favorite.  My favorite trick is a trick where the chef puts an egg on his spatula and the chef moves the egg around his body and even bounces it around his body. Hopefully this helps you understand why you should go to Benihana when it is open.

Andres (Andy) Andrade – Brother Rice – DMSF