A letter to My future self

Dear Future Self,

Congrats on making it to your dream school at Culver away from home. I am writing to you to remind you of important lessons for you to keep in mind though out the time you’re away from home. Even though it’s important for you to make friends at Culver it’s also important for you to not forget your friends from Chicago. I know you would want reasons to not forget them because I’m you. One of many reasons it’s important for you to not stop talking to them even though you’re gone is when you come back to Chicago you can have fun with them. “True friends are always together in spirit.” This quote is from L. M. Montgomery a Canadian author this shows what kind of a person you would be to ignore their texts on purpose.  When you are finished with boarding school you’ll come back to Chicago and not everyone at Culver is from Chicago so to keep your friends from Chicago will mean you will still have people to come back to and not just your family. “True friends are never apart, maybe in distance but never in the heart.” This is another quote to prove you can do keep a long-distance friendship. I hope this letter finds you well and helps you keep your relationship with your friends from Chicago.

Yahir Garcia – Culver – DMSF