Getting a Chinchilla Will Change Your Life!

Chinchilla’s are known to be very soft, cute, and cool to look like, but they can also be a pet that is normal such as a dog or cat. According to Pet, ” However, chinchillas can be very friendly animals if sufficiently acclimated to human touch as kits (babies), making them excellent pets for patient owners.” This just goes to show you that chinchillas can take the place of a pet such as a dog or cat.

Chinchilla’s are very small and they live in cages. They are less quiet and easier to take care of.Compared to dogs and cats, they don’t need you to take them outside and give them exercise. They are very small and cute and you can show them off to your friends and family. It would make you look unique and fresh. Trust me, you want a chinchilla.

All in all, I think that chinchillas could easily be a pet that could replace dogs or cats. They are cool, cute, small, and cuddly. They are easier to take care of then dogs or cats and they don’t need as much work. This is why chinchillas should be considered a normal pet.

Hayden Scott – Hotchkiss – DMSF

Image by Benjamin M. GroƟ from Pixabay