More than a sport

Think about this, the sport soccer is played by 250 million players in over 200 countries! Those are 250 million players who decided to pursue their passion. Now, everyone has a passion and I learned what mine was about nine years ago. In kindergarten I started off playing baseball, but I didn’t enjoy it much. It wasn’t until I decided on my own at about 5 years old I wanted to start playing soccer, little did I know this would change my life forever. 

This sport has so many benefits to it. Not only does playing the sport keep you in shape, but it’s an activity to bring all people together and a space to keep you busy and out of trouble. Soccer was able to bring a safe environment to me, and I’m thankful for that. I even reflect on giving thanks often, so that I don’t take this gift for granted. I am often reminded by my pops how lucky I am to have a sport like soccer keep me invested in. My pops always tells me about how he wished that he had a sport to have kept him busy and out of trouble. In my case that sport is soccer.

 Soccer is also a very diverse, creative, and affordable sport. In soccer there is one key object that you need to enjoy the sport, which is a ball. In soccer you can express your skills in many ways and forms, which is something that I love about soccer. A great and popular way to show off and express your skills is called freestyling, but with a ball. What you do is juggle and try to do new tricks that you learned while practicing by yourself. 

Finally, depending on how competitive you play soccer, the more complex it’ll get, but it’ll also mean a lot more to you. Soccer is a worldwide sport and brings 3.5  billion people all over the world together to enjoy watching or playing this amazing sport! No matter what your background is, if you’re a fan or player of a specific team, you are a part of a great community. As a player you experience the best feeling when you play soccer. You feel safe and love throughout your team, because they become family after bonding through soccer.  I encourage everyone to experience this game because soccer is more than a sport!

Noel Guzman – St. Laurence – DMSF

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