Become A Pokemon Master!

It all started when I went to a Target in fourth grade. We were looking around the store and I laid my eyes on this game. It had the title, Pokemon Black Version 2. After some begging from my brother and me, my dad bought the game! My brother used it first, and he let me play the game sometimes. I was entranced! Around two years later, we both got the new games, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon. The game once again pulled me in. After sixth grade, my mom bought me four other Pokemon games. Each and every Pokemon game has given me so much joy, and I would love to explain why! 

My biggest reason is the plot. From saving the world to going to different universes, Pokemon has it all! Each game has an intriguing storyline, and some may even make you question who really is the bad guy. From the surface level, the games seem boring and childish. But if you really look into the plot and read the manga, you can see that the characters are all written with interesting backstories. Many villains in the games have tragic backstories and reasons for what they’re doing. There are numerous challenges and victories that happen in the games. At the end, you are filled with the sense of pride and joy that all is well.

Another reason is the uniqueness of every game. Contrary to people’s beliefs, each game is very different from the one before. There is always a new feature, new setting, new people, and of course new Pokemon! Many other people I know have some Pokemon games, and they all say that they really enjoy every game. Every game has many new features that make it more interesting. This brings flavor to each game and keeps you wanting more! 

Lastly, I know many people that play the Pokemon games, and I cannot tell you one person that can say it did not make them happy. For many people, these games made up their childhood and they still play it. Because of Pokemon’s ways of changing up each game but keeping the same child-like and nostalgic feel, millions of people of all ages play the games. These games made up much of my childhood, too, and I would not be the person I am today without them! 

Pokemon has been with me ever since I was seven and I got my first game at ten, from then on I never left my love for the franchise as a whole. The games have brought me an inexplicable amount of joy in my life. So, if you ever get the chance, get yourself a Pokemon game and start the long-lasting and amazing journey filled with hundreds of emotions!

Betania Demisse – Saint Ignatius College Prep – DMSF