Give this music genre a chance!

It is often said that whenever we are doing our work or feeling bored, we would go to our laptop or smartphone, choose any music streaming service app, and start listening to your music. Whether the music genres you listen to are pop, hip hop, or rock, you would start to feel calmed and have a great time. Well for me, the genre that I would listen to at any time is heavy metal and you all have to start listening to it!

First of all, it’s worth considering that before I started listening to heavy metal, I had a hard time focusing on my assignments years ago. Whether I listen to any music genres, they did helped me focus on my work but not entirely. I thought to myself that there has to be a genre that can do a better job than those genres. Not saying that I hate them, but I’m just not interested in them. But when I heard heavy metal was a thing, I said, “Nice! I’m going to check out this music.” As I was hearing heavy metal from bands like Metallica, Megadeth, Pantera, and Slipknot, I immediately fell in love with it. After that, I started listening to heavy metal while I was doing my assignments and it turned out great!

You can’t love a music genre without its reasons. I enjoy heavy metal, since the solos from different metal bands are amazing. Listen to the solos from Megadeth or Metallica and tell me if you enjoy it or not. If you said you enjoyed it, that is great. Solos makes you feel amazed and you might eventually want to play that solo you were just listening to.

Another point worth noting is how the musicians are really talented. These musicians work really hard for us to maintain our enjoyment and to play amazing songs to us. Plus, these musicians are generous and funny to watch.

Have you ever want to hear cool rhythm from different bands? Well, heavy metal has you covered. The rhythm from this music genre is so powerful and deep that you would start to headbang. If it weren’t for these rhythm, heavy metal wouldn’t even be enjoyable at all.

Overall, heavy metal isn’t just having fun, but also it’s a great way to express your feelings. If you ever feel angry, melancholy, or pumped up, this genre is perfect for you! Heavy metal itself consists of awesome and talented musicians as well. So if you want to hear music that will help express your feelings or want to get yourself feel pumped up, metal is a great option and you will love it!

Osvaldo Moreno – Saint Ignatius College Prep – DMSF

Photo by Reno Laithienne on Unsplash.