How do I make potato pancakes?

Hello, my name is Maksym Kovalchuk and this is my blog on how to make potato pancakes. Potato pancakes is one of the most famous Ukrainian dishes, and today I will tell you how to make them. For this dish you will need 700 grams of potato, two middle sized onions, one egg, two spoons of flour, oil, ground black pepper, and salt.

In the beginning, grate the peeled potatoes on a fine grater. Onions can also be grated, but it is better to chop finely so that the pancakes were not liquid, and they did not feel bitter. If the potato mass is liquid, then the excess liquid can be squeezed a little and drained. Add egg, flour, salt, pepper to the vegetable mass and mix well. If you are cooking a lean meal, you can leave out the egg. Thanks to the flour, the dough will stick to the pile and will not fall apart on the pan.

Fry potato pancakes in oil on a hot pan without a lid. The size of the pancakes should not be large or your pancakes may be raw inside. And don’t make the pancakes too thick because it may be raw inside and it will not be as tasty. Once the potatoes are browned on one side, turn over on the other. Don’t let the pancakes fry too much. Or they will taste bitter and will not be as tasty as they are supposed to be. Serve with sour cream. Potato pancakes are delicious both hot and cold. Enjoy.

Maksym Kovalchuk – St. Ignatius – DMSF