Make Dungeons and Dragons part of your story

Some would argue that the popularity of toys is declining while others would argue that they are still popular. Although some types of toys would always be in business, for example legos, it is very hard to argue that some haven’t faded away. An example for this would be skylanders. I mention this because if traditional toys are also fading away then some people should know some of the best ones and one of the best ones that you should try is Dungeons and Dragons. It may be true that the Dungeons and Dragons community is still thriving but most people have never heard of it or don’t even know what the game is about. My goal is to give you a simple explanation of what this game is and why you should try it.

Dungeons and Dragons or D. & D. for short is a board game that is more often played in a small group of people. The board game itself is a special way of storytelling. To begin players decide on roles usually with one dungeon master and the rest as custom lower level characters. The dungeon master is trying to tell a story by controlling the background while the other players are playing as their custom character and involve themselves in the world the dungeon master creates using dice to determine the success of their actions. In the end if played well the group makes a fun story that everyone had a good time playing.

I recommend this game because it can be a simple activity to enjoy with friends. It doesn’t take long to set up and your friends don’t have to be experts either and the game can be pretty fun to play. Although it is considered a board game you don’t actually have to get a board, the supplies you would need to play would be paper, dice and a manual you could find on the internet. It changed my view on board games and is an underestimated way of storytelling that is rewarding to use and always feels unique.

Carlos Colon – Chicago Hope – DMSF

Photo by Clint Bustrillos @clintbustrillos on Unsplash