The great leader Lebron

What does Lebron James mean to me?

Lebron is a motivator and inspires me. What I mean by this is he motivates me to be my best self and help others out. Also, he sets great examples for people looking up to him. For example, Lebron has opened up an I Promise school. This school helped people get a better education, and he gave funds to the school to make sure that the school had everything that it needed. That makes me feel like I need to give back to my community and leave it better than I found it.

How does Lebron’s court play affect how I play on the court?

When Lebron is on the court, he plays at his best and at every play he is being a leader. By being a leader I mean he is telling his teammates what they need to do in order to get the win they are looking for. When I’m on the court in situations where I don’t know what to do, I think to myself, What would Lebron do? With thinking that I make plays that are going to help not only me, but my teammates, too.

File:LeBron James 2012 USA team.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
[This is a picture of Lebron setting up a play for his teammates.]

How/Why Does Lebron James inspire me ?

Lebron inspires me by doing things like helping others out. He always puts other people before himself. This inspires me because it makes me want to do better than I am already doing. A quote my mom used to always tell me that I will never forget is “People remember the negative things that you did before they remember the positive.” That quote describes Lebron as a person. Lebron is human so he have made mistakes, but he learned from them and started doing more positive, so when people talk on his name they talk about the good and not the bad.

Some facts about Lebron’s career

  • Has a total of 34,087 points
  • 9,298 total assists
  • 9,353 total rebounds
  • 2,011 total steals
  • 951 total blocks

This makes me want to work as hard as possible and try to get better as much as I can because Lebron didn’t just magically get those stats. He put in the work and was dedicated to getting better. That is how I want my mindset to be.

The last thing that I love about Lebron is how much he wants to see people around him succeed and get better. Also, how he takes advice and gets better off that advice. Many people want everything to be about them, but it’s not like that with Lebron. I love this mindset because I want to see the people around me succeed as well. With advice sometimes I can take it to heart and can get emotional about it. I want to work on that and improve as much as I can.

President Obama Welcomes the Miami Heat to the White House ...
[ This is a picture of Lebron at the White House talking about his time and what he has been doing to get better as a person and team leader.]

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