The sister I never had but always wanted

I always get asked the question,  “ Who are you most grateful for?” My automatic response would be my parents. I haven’t really thought of anyone else besides them who had done so much for me to express my gratitude towards. Until I met my aunt Mercy. When I was younger I had never met my aunt from my dad’s side because she was always busy traveling or in college. The day she finally decided to settle down with her career and spend time with our family was around 2014. Instantly when I met her we had connected. We discussed all day long about our lives and what we were up to. The day I found out my parents were going to get a divorce she had come to my rescue with movies and snacks. I know she was trying to make me forget about my parent’s situation because she thought I was too young to understand, but in reality, I did understand. Though I appreciated the thought of her trying to make me forget reality to make me happy. As I became older I started to confide in her a lot she was like my best friend. The good thing was, my aunt was really young so she would understand my problems. She would hug me so tight when I was crying or cancel her plans to have a sleepover with me. Mercy would treat me like her daughter by defending me in arguments, buying me clothes or jewelry, and even offering to cook food for me when I was hungry. She was my number one supporter along with my parents. People don’t understand the amount of love I have for her, she was like the sister I never had.

Jessica Perez – Wayland/Woodlands – DMSF

Photo by delfi de la Rua on Unsplash