We Express, They Judge.

The word “fashion,” according to the Google dictionary, means “a popular trend, especially in styles of dress and ornament or manners of behavior.” If we talk about fashion as in a popular trend of styles, we think of images that ignite the interest we have for the expression of our bodies and how we express ourselves through clothes. For females specifically, fashion has revolved around the figures of our bodies and how we show off our bodies to the world. Clothes not only protects us from weather and other things but clothes have changed to help young adults and other people to be able to express how they feel, how they think, and a way to show status. I all for free bodily expression, I have seen problems created by many fixed minded people and immature men. This problem is the objectification of women and young girls. 

On a day to day basis, I personally wear jean shorts and a graphic tee. Others may wear dresses, pants, leggings, or swim suits on a day to day basis. I Am grateful to live somewhere, where clothes are available to me as an object to protect time. It is also something I depend on that helps me show my opinions and style. Our culture has been improved to the point where there are many social platforms where people can communicate and express their opinions, ideas, or even details of their personal life. Fashion, culture, food, music, and other trendy movements are shown to affect our personal lives. Throughout  the twenty-first century, a perfect body image has been created for women around the country. This is called the ideal body. The ideal body consists of an hourglass figure with round hips, a wide bust, small waist, and big chest. The general theme is that beauty means you have to be skinny which is wrong. This ideal body type has been shared and passed around many social media platforms. Many young women and young adults who see these social media posts are motivated, inspired or affected by images showing how a female should look.These posts have been shown to create body dysphoria. Body dysphoria is a mental illness in which the person sees her body in a negative light and focuses on their flaws when in reality they are not flawed at all. 

When women wear “revealing dresses” men think they are sexy, and women may think they are being inappropriate, while others could be thinking, “OMG, I aspire to be her.”

What does the word sexy mean? According to Google Dictionary it means “sexually attractive or exciting.”

On a day to day basis a woman’s body or body parts are separated from her as a person and are viewed primarily as a physical object of male sexual desire. Why does this happen? We don’t know. So, how can we stop this? It is important to clear these views from men. Many think that men should just learn to respect women. If they say no, it’s a no. If a woman is walking down the street and she appeals to you, don’t cat call her. It’s that easy right? Then why won’t people stop? We as humans should all learn to respect ourselves and others and until that happens we have to change the views of people little by little.

Salome Diaz-Rojas – Woodlands – DMSF