The Future is Bright

Dear 18 year-old Katherine,

The date of today is August 12, 2020. We are still in our homes because of COVID-19. Some say that turning 18 if far away but it’s right around the corner trying to sneak up on you. I can’t imagine what I look like being 18. Today I am apart of a wonderful family. I appreciate the things that have happened in my life. You were apart of a program Waukegan to College they helped you through so much. In one week our summer comes to an end, and a new school year begins. Today I am an 8th grader at Robert Abbott Middle School. Many of my friends say there afraid of walking into 8th grade the end of there middle school journey. I am fairly exited because I will be able to find new opportunities. When you read this you will be a senior going to college. Attending your dream school and doing the major you want to go in. I know you love to travel the world. I know that you don’t want to leave your family. I know you went to Africa. I know you will live your life to the fullest. Can’t wait to live up to that!

I am writing this letter to remind who you are. To remind you that you are an amazing young lady that is never stopped to achieve her goals. College will be stressful, you’ll be ok because you will be able to handle it. Stress is perfectly normal just protect that mental health. Forget about the little things that are going to stress you out or make you worry about. Just think about what you will be able to succeed.

Correspondingly, make sure that you do not change who you have become. Don’t follow others beliefs of what they want you to become. If they do there not friendships worth fighting for. Meet new people that will not care who you are. Let the new people not care of what you’ve gone through in life, that will care for you like you will care for them. Be you a unique person.

Someday I know that you will want to give up but remember why you started to push yourself every single day because you wanted to have a better life, education for yourself. Continue to fight for why is is best for you. A few months ago you were struggling to keep up with online learning and now you are an 8th grader finding new opportunities and filling out highs school applications. You are young, life is short enjoy it while is last.

Remember, the importance to keep an open-mindset. You will not enjoy life to the fullest if you don’t. You’ll miss all the events that will happen in your life. Go skydiving you’ve always wanted to. Can’t wait to encounter all the fun elements that you’ll face. All the dreams you hope will come true.

More importantly, hold one to the support and hope on the people you can count on your family that always have believed in your big dreams. Your close friend Xiadani Perez the girl that pushed your limits to achieve better in your own education. Remember the day you met in math class and she need help finding her locker you were courageous enough to ask if she needed help finding it. Never in a million years you thought that you would have spoken to her. But most of all yourself the only person I will always be there will always be you and that will never change. These bonds will last for as long as they want. These are the true people that will be by your side for whatever the universe decides on.

To end out this letter, I want to say college will open new doors for you. Life will be difficult but it is apart of what we got through. You have go through so many things in life. In one day you will be hurt and broken but all of it will be worth because it will achieve all your dreams and goals. You will make mistakes that will turn into experience, you’ll be mature, you’ll be more aware, you’ll have more skills that are new. However you might feel remember that life will go on like it does. Learn from the good and bad. Remember whatever happens in life happens for a reason for your journey the future is bright.


Katherine Giselle Rivas – Robert Abbott Middle School – Waukegan To College