I have been watching YouTubers, a lot of my favorite content creators. But one stood out the most in me, out of all the YouTubers I watch, really hit me. So I’m honored to write about Faze Rug. If you watched youtube, you would probably know Faze Rug by now. But, if you don’t, here is a rundown of his channel. 

Age: 23 years old

Time on Youtube: 8 Years, started on July 11, 2012.

Subscribers: 16.3 million

He is in the Faze Clan.

He is a Youtuber: Prankster/Blogger.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Faze Rug means a lot to me because he is a beacon of light for so many people and that really affects me also. I remember the first time that I was watching him, in school. From that moment forward, I knew this person would be my inspiration. He always stays positive, helps people. Like his youtube channel, all his works explain there. 8 years working on his youtube channel, getting from setbacks, going through all the hate. He worked hard and achieved his dream. He is a beast, a legend. He is young and earning a lot of money, and that shows us that we could also do it, through preservation and hard work and support, we could do it.

During the time that I’m writing this article, he just brought his own dream house and many special things are coming his way. For that, it made me think. Man, this person, My Favorite Youtube star since I watched him from school, just bought a house for himself. That made me proud and happy for him and for me. That means we could dream of anything we want. He did so I could do so also.

Faze Rug affects me by having a growth mindset, he always has a positive mindset every time. Even when things seem down, he thinks it through and puts it back all together in a positive way. That affects me because I want to be positive, always on my good side. Sometimes there were times that would be at most low times. But for him, each time I watch his videos makes me a better person and he always sends examples for me and all the young people who always watch him. He makes that example for us and it really affects us. 

“I’m just thankful right here, livin’ in my purpose”

“Positive vibes, tryna change the world.”

These music lyrics and call them quotes are the best thing he said. He is just thankful and he is trying to make the world a better place which tells a lot about him. He is very humble, he helps people in his youtube videos in the past, always talks to his fans like great friends, also he in Faze Clan, which is an Esports team helped to donate for a charity. This man teaches and sets the example of being humble. This man is just a legend.

Faze Rug always wants the positive for us, he always wishes for the better of us, he always wishes that he fans could be successful and I always take that into my mind and use those words for my motivation. He always motivates me to do my best. In anything, anyway, he always wants to motivate us, like the beam of light for us to keep going and I take that as a light for my part of my life keeps going because he does it every day, he loves it, loves to spread positively for us and for everyone in the world. It motivates me to do better and live every day to the best of my ability.

 Final words: Faze Rug is a legend I wanted to give tribute. He influenced me and other people in so many different ways and in positive ways. I wanted to say Faze Rug is a legend and thanks to him he is an inspirational person and gives great examples in our life and I live by it every day. The end.

Luis Gonzalez-Xochihua – Waukegan To College

Photo by Joshua Hanson on Unsplash