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Have you ever just wanted to sit back, eat some snacks, and binge watch a good show? Well, I have a great show that can feel like you are actually in it. It makes you see many real-life cases that maybe you have never heard of. The show Criminal Minds on Netflix will for sure want to make you become an FBI agent.

Before I started watching Criminal Minds I didn’t have much to watch. I was bored of watching the same things over and over. At first, I thought it was going to be boring because I didn’t understand what was going on but I gave it a chance. Next thing you know, that was the only thing I started watching all day. Yeah I know, not the best idea; but quarantine, give me a break! It was kind of like a learning experience but also really interesting. I learned about many cases that get shared with the FBI for more help to solve the cases. I also learned different ways to be safe about and to be smart. Just watching one season of this show made me want to join the FBI in the Behavioral Analysis Unit.

This show is full of action and cool scenes that just make you have the feeling that you are in it. I got this feeling when they started working on a case that was given to them and usually got help from the chief of the police department that this case was from or somebody who has a background on the crime. They start researching and trying to figure out if anybody has seen the criminal before and can identify them. It felt so real because they would share all the thoughts and who it could be and it felt like I was going on the search as well trying to figure out who this person was. Onces they have a brief description of how the unsub could look like they start searching for the person to try and get this person in jail. There were also moments when they would catch the wrong person as the unsub and they have to go search for the actual unsub as fast as they can because the suspect is going to commit another crime. This is what got me usually interested and kept on grabbing my attention to keep on watching the show.

I hope this made you want to watch this show, a really good interesting show. Make sure to get your favorite snacks, comfy clothes, and get on Netflix to start watching Criminal Minds. This will really make you think of who the person could be  the unsub as well as you possibly looking forward to how you are going to get that feeling as being part of this story.

Evelyn Vazquez – Daniel Webster Middle School – Waukegan To College

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