Today will for sure be the day you want to do something risky. What I mean when I say risky is you will want to try skateboarding. People really think that skateboarding is dangerous , when it really is not. It just takes balance to get it, like a bike. Yeah sure you have heard that lots of people get hurt while riding but, when I first got my skateboard it did take time for me to go fast and everything but I did not fall at any time, while I was trying to learn. Maybe where you can fall is when you start to learn tricks on it but most likely not, if you are careful. Also it is a very fun thing to do because you are learning something new then just being around the house doing nothing. The main key to being good at it is you have to have trust in the board or else if you keep thinking you’re going to fall then you will. But if you don’t think of all that stuff of falling then you definitely will not. Trust me if you don’t try it you really are going to be missing out on it because in life you just gotta take the risks.

Vianney Garcia – Waukegan To College

Photo by Daniel Lincoln on Unsplash