There are a lot of things I would love to remember in the future that my family has taught me over the last 13 years. This is something really fun to write a note to my future self and read it when I am older. First off let’s start with some questions. What do you do to relax? Are you still close with your family? How are things with mom, dad, and sister? Do you still play the flute? What grade are you in? Did your sister graduate college yet? Do you still talk to your middle school friends? Do you still want to be a photographer when you grow up? Do you still want to go to Lipscomb University just like where my sister went? These are some questions that I’m very curious to know.

Second off I want to describe myself to see if i’m still the same or changed in a good way or bad way. I am a very mean/shy person when it comes to talking to someone like a stranger I get really shy. I like to stay at home, lay in bed and just use my phone. I’m a person who hates to wear shorts, dresses, and skirts, I love to wear joggers with oversized shirts. 

This year we had a global pandemic called the coronavirus(Covid19) which means I have to miss the last first day of middle school which is so sad because it felt like yesterday I was starting middle school. This year we are starting online school and hopefully this pandemic goes away so i can enjoy my last year of middle school. I’m so scared to go to high school because I don’t think I’m smart enough for high school. This year for school I got advanced math which I’m so proud of myself because my MAP score was high which is so exciting. 

Now let’s talk about my friends and family. My family is really important to me. I’m mostly closer to my dad’s side of the family but I still talk to my family on my mom’s side. Which side of the family are you closer to? My familys had our ups and downs but I still love them to death. You always need to appreciate them because one day they are not going to be here. My friends and I are not really close to me because of the pandemic but I still text them once a while. Now let’s talk about my parents, me and my parents have a really close relationship we also have ups and down but i still love them to death and are my day 1 but on the other hand my sister is really annoying one day we are fighting the other day we are getting along. She is my sister so i have to love jk my day 1 also.

Last thing I want you to know is that you are amazing just the way you are. Never give up on your dreams. Keep on being yourself and the amazing person you are and don’t let anybody change. I really hope you have an amazing life and enjoy it very much and ALWAYS BE HAPPY.

Joana Rojas – Waukegan To College