Dear Future Me…

Dear future me,

I hope you’re reading this to yourself or bragging to other people because of how much you’ve changed throughout these years. I want you to go read this to anybody who thought you wouldn’t make it this far and show them all the accomplishments that you ever wanted. I hope when you look back at this you know you did a great job and made the right decisions.

This is the year 2020, probably one of the hardest years for anybody, especially for teens like me. This summer was supposed to be fun and one of the best summers because I am 15. Even though this year has been full of ups and downs, I knew it was the best to learn from them. This year I have been changing physically and mentally. You might think you have a long way to go until you’re 20, 30 or even 50, but really it’s just what you think — time passes by fast and before you know it, you have changed. I view the past as things that have happened to me for a reason so I can learn from the in the future. Much of the things that have happened to me throughout the years are good things or bad things. Some skills I want to grow are my confidence, the importance in life and only focusing on myself. Even though I have lots of regrets about life when I was younger, I’m hoping you were able to learn from them in the future.

I hope you have accomplished everything I couldn’t accomplish because I thought it was useless, like actually trying in school and getting a good, well paying job. I want to ask you what kind of job did you get and do you think you accomplished all your goals? I would also like to say, Don’t worry about what people say about you and just strive. This week’s program has taught me lots of things such as how to give a proper speech and talk formally. I hope you use this in job applications, maybe in future speeches in front of people, or just using formal language in a job. Another thing I would like to say would be, Did you actually listen to me and do what I have ever told you like school is actually important in life? Or did that backfire? Even if you don’t have a good job or aren’t successful, I want you to take this time to go talk to kids and teens and tell them why school is very important.

I promise I will try harder in school, go into college and enter in all the opportunities that can just help me. Some last things I would like to say are, What are you doing right now at this time? Do you have a family? And did I help you at all with the decisions I took when I was 15? Although I’m talking to you from the past, I want to know if I changed at all. Did I actually get taller or am I still 5’2? If you have time, I want you to go take this note to your kids or someone younger and tell them all the things they could change or improve that you couldn’t do. I hope you learned from everything, and I can’t wait to be you!


Stephany Del Real – Elk Grove High School – GVC Reach Back

Photo by Miguel Bruna on Unsplash