Letter to my future self

A letter to your future self can mean many things. When am I going to read this again? Will I have made many changes and many experiences?  A letter to your future self is supposed to be about things you want to accept for yourself later on. Your goals. However, who knows what I’m going to be in 20 years, 10 years, etc. My point is nobody can predict the future. Many things can come up and your goals that you have right now might not be the same as the ones you have 15 years from now, you will be a much different person. However you can set goals you can talk to your future self, give yourself advice if you’re going through a hard time, memories of what you have done as a young adult.

With that being said I do have accomplishments for myself in the future. I see myself pursuing to be a nurse in the future, setting goals for myself and accomplishing them with what I have learned from ISW and GVC Reach Back Program. When you set goals for yourself you have to have a good supportive support system, when you feel like giving up they can help you out. For example, family and friends will keep me motivated. I hope my future self can remember to learn from mistakes and not keep repeating them.

Some important lessons I have learned so far are not everyone needs to know everything— keeping things to yourself is helpful sometimes. You will always have a lot going on, taking time for yourself, taking care of yourself. I see the world as something that is there to help you achieve your goals. It’s for you, everything is here now all you have to do is achieve them and work hard.

Now your future self might be very different or similar from you now. You will always wonder what you will be like later on in your life. How is family? How are you? Are you still living with your parents? But most of all what would you change about your younger self knowing what you know already? Now some advice I would give to my older self now is to not care about what other people think of you. You do you, and if that’s not enough for others, who cares. Keep working hard in school, keep working hard and earning what you deserve.

Usually when I’m not feeling my best or something comes in the way I would mostly distract myself, keeping myself busy will distract myself from thinking. Taking time for yourself can really help if you’ve been working hard through school or just not feeling your best. Hang out with friends and family, meet new people, start being more social if you aren’t already. Use the new skills I have learned and try your hardest. Take time on your work and focus. It always turns out how you like it if you do so. In conclusion, I hope your future self has a lot to talk about.

Montse Del Real – Elk Grove High School – GVC Reach Back

Photo by sydney Rae on Unsplash