You’ve grown in the past 14 years you’ve been alive, as a person and physically. A lot has happened in the years of transitioning from a child to a teenager. Although I am not an adult I can tell you some advice that could’ve helped you. A huge piece of advice I wish I could’ve known is to not ever feel guilty for something that isn’t your fault. You are not at fault for life’s many ups and downs. We as people cannot control our destiny. No human can control the horrible situations we face in our lives so don’t feel guilty for something you have no control over.

I’d like to let you know everything happens for a reason, the hardships we overcome as people is to become a better version of ourselves. You have become a determined, caring and open minded person, very creative as well. After mom overcame her illness we moved into a new apartment, which is the apartment we live in now. Moving helped me not relive seeing mom so ill, it was something as a family that we needed. Leaving our old home helped us as a family move on and live a happier life without the house reminding us of horrible memories. Of course we cannot forget it all but we can learn to be strong and face it. Many beautiful memories have been built in this new home. Dad bought us our first video game console, the Wii U. To answer all your questions, Mom still battles depression but as of now she is doing so much better than she was in 2014. As a family we have become stronger and better for mom.

A big moment of regret I have has been not trying hard enough, when Mom got sick I let it bring me down. I wasn’t trying hard enough. As a result of this behavior my grades weren’t as good as before. From that moment on I knew I couldn’t just let anything make me weak, I had to be strong and learn to live with trauma. My mom getting sick has taught me to be independent. Ever since, I got back up and have worked hard to bring my grades up and be where I am today. Yazmin from 2014 I wish I could go back and tell you it is temporary, to be strong.

As a little kid you loved to draw and create. I’m here to tell you that I pursued those hobbies and improved my skills. I think you’d be proud of my work now. I have tried many different mediums; acrylic, colored pencil, alcohol based markers, and my personal favorite being watercolor. I have also tried new art styles like surrealism and old fashioned cartoon style. I have also tested digital art, it wasn’t my favorite but quite fun. I also have new interests, baking is one of my favorite things to do. I have made cakes and most recently- butter cookies. They were scrumptious!

I love school more than ever, English class still being my favorite subject. I adore reading and writing. English projects keep me engaged! I just love to get lost in the book we read in class. Writing essays or creating a presentation related to it is so intriguing. You’d be surprised on how I have improved in math, it has been an obstacle but I got passed it.

From everything I have experienced the best advice I give you and my peers is to always have a positive mindset. Don’t be lazy it sounds cliché but hard work and determination really pays off. Being a determined hard working has got me far, and I hope to go further.

Sincerely, present day Yazmin.

Yazmin Carrasco – Marist High School – DMSF