Don’t forget (a letter to future me)

Dear future me

Hey there me is ya know…me and if anyone knows you well its me! That being said let me tell you something 

In all of the time we’ve learned so much we’ve been through so much and we’ve done so much and throughout all of it you persevered and that’s something I want you to take into account.

I know life will continue to get harder and harder but that only means we’ll have to push a little harder and hope just a little longer. 

And I know what I’m asking can seem like a lot something but look back at how far we’ve come we’ve already done so much if we can do this we can definitely make it the rest of the way you just have to believe that you can 

I know when things get hard we get frazzled and we panic but when we panic we forget what we’ve learned promise me you won’t forget.

We’ve already spent so much time learning these lessons we don’t need to waste any more time re-learning them on the field I know you got it you’ve done it before and we can do it again.

You just need to remember and if you need a reminder look back, look in the mirror, look at this letter just look promise me you’ll take the time to look thats all I ask.

Be proud. You’ll thank me later.

Christian Haynes – DMSF