As I was waiting in line at Six Flags for the Superman roller coaster, I was becoming very tired and drained. The actual line felt like MILES away from the actual ride. I was even considering stepping out of line when we were close to the roller coaster because it was so hot. When we finally approached the ride, I was still tired but kind of happy we made it to the front. We finally took a seat on the ride and when the ride started, I was in an entirely different world. It felt amazing. When the ride was over, I felt like a whole new person. I was eager to get on another ride no matter how long the wait was. I was energized again.

Specific rides that are my favorites at Six Flags are the Joker and the Raging Bull. The Joker is a short but fun ride that takes you through smooth-like sharp turns, and while those turns are happening your seat is going in a circle. The Raging Bull is a very smooth and quite long ride. Unlike many other rides, this ride has various drops and fun-amusing slick turns. Both these rides and many other rides can feel unreal. It’s like “Wow, I’m this high on a roller coaster able to do all these high-fun falls and slick turns in the air!” It can feel unrealistic. It’s like every time I was on a roller coaster, I was able to feel stress-free and forget about everything bad that might’ve been going on in my life.

Even though roller coasters are fun, many people are afraid of them. They may be be afraid of heights or feel unsafe from the speed and turns. But I’m here to tell you that roller coaster accidents are relatively rare. There is a small percentage chance that anything will happen to you with those twists and turns. It’s also great to face your fears and take risks because, on roller coasters, it’s extremely worth it. Just imagine being high on a roller coaster able to see the city view and all the fun twists and turns ahead of you. If you’re scared, just close your eyes and think of something positive. Just know it’s very worth it.

Roller coasters also have many health benefits. For one, they help with kidney stones. There are proven studies that show that the high-speed motion on roller coasters can dislodge a kidney stone. As I said previously from my own experience, roller coasters help reduce stress. It is psychologically proven that roller coasters actually help you forget your day-to-day problems and enjoy yourself. Roller coasters are good for your lungs because they require heavy breathing and clear your sinuses because of the continuous ups and downs. Roller coasters can even help you detect undiagnosed conditions from being shaken around. This is likely because the motions on roller coasters help things like tumors loosen and be detected easily. Lastly, roller coasters can help a person have a safe adrenaline rush without putting themselves in danger. Especially with adrenaline junkies like myself.

Lavinia McDonald

St. Laurence