Kim Namjoon: An overlooked leader

Kim Namjoon, RM, or even Rap Monster is Leader of the biggest boy band in the world, BTS. Born in Dongjak-gu, South Korea. Namjoon was born on September 12, 1994. At an early age Namjoon was someone who dreamed of having a simple life and going to a top college. He always enjoyed writing poetry and excelled at it in school. Namjoon was 13 when he started rapping under the stage name Runch Randa. While being a successful student Namjoon felt alone during this time, feeling as though he didn’t have very much support. His parents were against him and his dreams of becoming an artist. This is something that scarred Namjoon deeply. Soon on June 13, 2013 Namjoon debuted under the group BTS as the leader. After debut Namjoon prided himself of being a good leader who encouraged his team and tried hard to see his group succeed. He dealt with almost disbanding and having little to no money to perform. While he dealt with these hardships it was only the start to something amazing. 

Namjoon, 26, has now accomplished so much. He has released two mixtapes, has gotten over three number ones within less than a year, and is the first Asian artist to reach number one in over 100 countries. Namjoon has become the leader of the first Korean Act to be nominated for a Grammy. The results of the Grammys coming out in March revealed that BTS sadly did not win the Grammys. When reflecting about the Grammys Namjoon says that he believes that BTS did not fail to win a Grammy but in the fashion of a true leader, this is an opportunity to try harder and aim bigger. This is only a little about Namjoon and what he has done as an artist. While this is important it is not what I’m trying to talk about today. Like the famous saying goes “Let me show you rather than tell.”

In a speech he gave to the United Nations about the LOVE MYSELF Campaign Namjoon states,”I have many faults and I have many fears, but I am going to embrace myself as hard as I can, and I’m starting to love myself, little by little.” He knows that it is hard to get past your past mistakes and that it’s hard to love yourself. He teaches about loving yourself and embracing your past mistakes because they also make up who you are. This was something I struggled with before I was introduced to BTS, loving myself for me. I take the words of wisdom Namjoon has said and try loving myself little by little everyday even when I feel like giving up. This is one of the most important lessons a person can learn and I’m glad it was taught by him. He preaches about never giving up on yourself and that you are the most important person in your life. He shows me that all my dreams and aspirations are worth going for no matter who might not believe in me. Even though there might be some difficult obstacles to overcome, there’s always a chance of my dreams coming true with hard work.

“You should not live your life based on the standards of others” another quote from Kim Namjoon. I’ve always found it hard to shut the thoughts of others out of my head. Always worrying about if I was doing enough or maybe doing too much. It wasn’t until BTS made me realize others ideals of me shouldn’t be controlling who I am. When I look back two or three years ago I don’t know if I would be here today without finding BTS’s music. I’m more than grateful for what Namjoon and his music has done for me. Namjoon is more than a celebrity to me, but a role model I can look up to in times of darkness. When you think of a leader or role model you think of someone you can look up to. Someone who can be of guidance and will advise you when needed. To me and many others Kim Namjoon shows and has those qualities. He is inspiring, humble, kind-hearted, and a fantastic leader.

Liberty Cunningham – St. Ignatius College Prep, DMSF

Photo by istock on pixabay