The earth on a flat line

There are a lot of different types of myths, beliefs, or legends. One of these myths is how people believe how the world is a flat surface. This has been a big world wide debate since the beginning of time. When Christopher Columbus sailed looking for India, he instead found The New World. He knew the world was not flat therefore he went sailing west of the prime meridian. This was something no one ever did because they just went straight to Asia either through land or around Africa’s coast. 

Many people believe in this myth because of just the way they see earth in their perspective. When people go on a long road trip they see the world as it is “Flat” they can not see over the edge and prove the world is round. They see nothing but land right in front of them and they do not see any curve. I think there aren’t any possible ways this is true. The Vice president of the FES (Flat Earth Society) was asked how he sees the earth and he commented saying that the world is a large disk. The disk had the arctic circle in the center of the disc and ALL of Antarctica around the world like a border. Basically Antarctica was a giant wall that kept all human life from falling off. He isn’t the only one to believe that either. Nathan Thompson, founder of the Official Flat Earth and Globe Discussion page, says Antarctica is a ginormous 150 foot wall of ice. He also claimed that the proof of the flat earth is an astronaut drowning and that NASA is hiding information from us. 

I believe that the earth is a sphere and there is science to back it up. Humans created a concept of time, it is basic but very complex. Time depends on how long a planet or star orbits around the Sun. Earth for example takes around 365 days to orbit the sun. This varies for different plants like Venus’ year is only 225 days. We are able to measure this because the planet is able to spin horizontally since it is a sphere. If It were to be a flat earth, it would never be able to have nights and days since the sun would be able to hit the earth all at once therefore also ridding time zones. 

Gabriel Aragon, Whitney Young High School, DMSF