5G doesn’t cause Corona

The Coronavirus has taken a serious toll on our lives. This raises the question “How did the coronavirus start?” Some people have an explanation for coronavirus, it was the effect of 5G wifi. This is however a conspiracy theory and not proven or true. Conspiracy theories are very common today, with them ranging from rigged voting to birds not being real. We hear lots of theories that we think might be real and others we believe to be completely impossible. One of these theories is that 5G wifi is the cause of the Coronavirus and this conspiracy is False. The evidence on this theory is outlandish and doesn’t prove this conspiracy theory. For example, celebrities and social media stars know that 5G causes covid that’s why they are promoting funding for the theory. 

The first claim people make is  Covid-19 quarantines were put into place so the government can secretly install 5G technology and start the influx of corona cases. However,  5G and its conspiracy have been around for years so that means that it couldn’t have started covid because it was already invented. Gregory, a professional senior analyst stated “There’s been a crowd that has been saying that 5G is harmful to human health for years, ever since 5G was first being proposed [and] well before any towers or networks were online,” There are no facts supported by trusted sources supporting this information. They are all made by people who are not experts nor have done little to no research. In fact, the whole theory about 5G being the cause of Covid-19 came from a french blog post that was taken down two days after it was posted. All websites supporting the 5G wifi theory are conspiracy theory sites and extremely biased articles. 

The initial theories have rapidly ballooned out of proportion. Some people are now stating that 5G gives radiation poisoning. One of the major supporters of this theory is QAnon(strong conspiracy theorists) say that there is a deep state and corona has high-level electromagnetic radiation and they are known for giving wrong information. One of the main sources traced the present 5G anxiety to a Florida physicist named Bill Curry, who published incorrect research showing a correlation between rising frequency of radio waves and tissue damage in the brain and causing covid 19. 

Overall, This is not reliable because the overall theory of 5G and Covid has no evidence that isn’t false, made up, or a coincidence. There are no studies or scientific proof that this could be true either. The theory was also made up to be extremist and is very biased. All the information has been backed up that 5G has no connection to Coronavirus backed up by proper evidence meaning scientific research, news sources, quotes from the conspiracy theorists. And all of the fake news was debunked because there is no evidence to agree that 5G caused covid. 

Elaine Chatman Borowiec – Beacon Academy- DMSF

Sources: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/07/16/science/5g-cellphones-wireless-cancer.html