Dear Future me…

Now that you’re older, you must have so much more experience about the world around you. I hope you are still remembering who you are in the heart. The world out there must’ve changed a lot more since today, 2021. There must be so many things you regret because of how old you are now. I know I already regret so many things. In about a month, I will be going into high school. I wonder how many regrets you have now because of the different choices you made in high school.  

High school is one of my biggest worries right now. There’s so much pressure and stress filling up my head. My friend group is holding on strong and I hope it still does in the future. High school seems like an amazing experience and I just wonder all the time if future me will regret the high school that I chose. At least now you know the answer to that. The variety of choices may lead me to a different path and I hope this path leads me somewhere successful like, hopefully, you right now. What was your high school experience like?

I also worry for the world around me. There is so much hope in the world, there is new technology, we are prospering as a society, but there’s also so many issues in our world today. I’m concerned for the earth that we inhabit. The earth is getting mistreated and I’m hoping that the future lies ahead with new ideas that can help. Does the future get better?

There are so many obstacles that may have stopped you from going to college. I hope you still did. So far, I still think college is so important. I hope you kept that dream and kept persevering. There are so many colleges out there and I hope you chose the right one and went there happily. I know that my brain is so indecisive and it must’ve been hard for you to choose a college. Maybe by the time you read this, you have already gotten your dream job. What is it and how are you feeling about it? 

Like I said above, stress is a huge part of my life right now. I know that I’ve had lots of problems with stress. It seemed like it was always taking over my body. I have fought it off for now, but I’m wondering if you have figured out how to deal with the stress. I know it’s challenging to fight it off and I hope you figured it out. How did you work it out, if it did?

There are so many questions I wish you could tell me right now. These thoughts fill my head and somewhat contribute to the stress I just talked about, and that’s why I’m learning to focus on the present because that’s where I am right now. I am having success right now and I hope that continues on into the future. I hope you have continued to use the successful study tips I use right now. There are so many things I hope you did in the future, but most importantly I hope you kept true to yourself, kept your dreams, and kept your head up high.


Past You

Justin Zhang – Walter Payton College Prep


(Photo By CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash)