Exercising Bring Out the best in you!!!!

Hello my dear inspiring readers, I ask you to try one thing. You might be wondering ‘’ I hope it’s not exercising. I hate that!”. I’m not saying you need to exercise for hours and hours a day but how much time fits in your schedule and what you feel up to. I want you to start exercising because you feel amazingly better and healthier afterwards. Exercising makes you feel as if you’ve been brought back to life. Yes, I myself have days where I don’t want to workout but once I finish my workout I feel AMAZING!! I feel alive and confident in my skin after I work out because I get energy from exercising! Trust me, just try it! You will thank me later. Exercising puts you in a better mood because you move your body and it’s thanking you right now! Not only does it minimize the risk of diseases such as diabetes but it gives you a brain break from any school work or general work you’re doing. I love exercising because when I go for a run I give my brain a rest from studying and homework. Homework and studying can get tedious after a while if you don’t take a break! Afterwards I’m in a better mood to go back to my work and really focus on the task at hand. Exercising has really helped me in various ways. For example, I have less stress, get in an energetic mood, and get that alone time to myself. 

Based on research, when you focus and do one homework task for a long time, you tend to lose focus and get stressed. My way of not letting my work get the best of me is exercising! Exercising gives you a major space away from the computer or any technology you may use frequently which is good because you’re not supposed to be on the screen all day! Exercising gives people an outlet to be alone and have their own self care time for themselves without being around people, having to talk, and letting them be free from any problems they have. Remember everybody has different ways to exercise which is what I love about it! You might like to do yoga, your brother might like to run, and another person might like to ride their bike. But the thing that I love is that you choose WHAT YOU WANT TO DO! Isn’t that great?! A lot of people like to workout to lose weight but I do it to brighten my mood and feel good! So, even if you don’t know what kind of exercise to do, what day to start, or how long to work out, just TRY. 

Here are a few tips to help get you started on exercising! Remember it all depends on what kind of exercise you want to do. So, let’s say you want to try running you could go to any gym such as LA fitness and start to run on their tread! Or, you could invest in buying a treadmill if you want that freedom to run any time of the day. Now, let’s say you want to start riding your bike as exercise. You could invest in a road bike if you like riding outside or you could invest in a peloton or indoor cycle bike. It all depends on your schedule. Some people don’t have the time in their schedule to go outdoors or prefer to stay indoors. Therefore, investing in an indoor bike or treadmill would work best. But my general recommendation is to sign up for a gym membership so you can get a taste of what you like to do. You might like to run, lift weights, or do a yoga class! A gym allows you to explore all those great options! 

All I ask is that you try and holler at me if you love or hate exercising! Always, remember that everybody’s journey is different so you might not be good at exercising now but give it a shot and keep at it! With this said don’t compare your exercise journey with someone else because everyone is different! I promise exercising is a life changer that brings out the best in YOU. 

Julieta Mayorga ( Saint Ignatius College Prep) – DMSF

Image Credit:  Photograph courtesy of Getty Images. Image found in an article called ” Here’s Why Many of Us Are Exercising a Whole Lot More Right Now.”

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