The Mysterious Mind of the Mermaid

When you think of mermaids, you might think of our beloved Disney princess Ariel or just a mythical creature that runs in circles and a kid’s imagination. But in actuality, they’re real but just don’t want to be discovered by humankind. Now you’re probably thinking, “Zariya, you shouldn’t believe in such childish tales.” But when you think about it, more than eighty percent of our ocean is unexplored. So we don’t know what is down there. Besides, there are many sightings in the Caribbean islands, especially in Haiti. Also, accounts of natives that live on these islands. But don’t fret these creatures have many parts to them that can be extremely menacing or extraordinary.

Before we dig into these mystical creatures, we first must know the place they might call home. The dark and murky midnight zone. They’re home to animals, 

  • Frilled shark
  • Humpback anglerfish
  • Pelican eel
  • Angler
  • Vampire squid

and many more. 

But they don’t only live in the uninviting midnight zone they also have been spotted/live in rivers and lakes. For example, many people are known to spot mermaids sitting on Jamaica’s Flat Bridge rocks.  

Now let’s talk about one of my favorite sightings of a real mermaid, that’ll surely convince you that mermaids are real. On April 12th, 1998, Jeff Leicher, photographed the creature known as the Kaiwi Point Mermaid. As he and six others explored the ocean bottom about 20 minutes off of Hawaii’s Sunny Kona Coast. As they were taking photos, a school of dolphins swam by.  As they were swimming one of the divers started yelling, and said they spotted something. In Leicher’s words, he said “She had long flowing hair and one of the most beautiful faces I’ve ever seen,” and “But there’s no way a human being could be swimming so fast. She was keeping right up with the dolphins.” The mermaid then swam away and didn’t appear until an hour later. In Leicher’s words, he said “Suddenly I felt something brush against my right leg. She shot by me like a streak of lightning, then turned and came back past me, swimming the other way. I just aimed the camera and started snapping pictures.” and “I kept shooting as she broke for the surface and swam away.”

Zariya Evans – Mother McAuley- DMSF

~Real Photo of Mermaid~

Weekly World News had Leicher’s pictures analyzed by three noted photography labs. All three say the photos are genuine and have not been tampered with.

The photos of the Kaiwi Point mermaid have been studied and authenticated by experts. Photo ©1998 Jeff Leicher.

So in conclusion, Mermaids may never be truthfully confirmed to exist but it is surely something out there.