The Urban Legend of The Bunny Man

The urban legend I choose is the Bunny Man. The Bunny Man originated from two incidents in Fairfax County, Virginia in 1970, but has spread throughout the Washington D.C. and Maryland areas. While the authorities were looking for the Bunny Man after alleged reports of people seeing the urban legend, they found a trail of half-eaten, gutted bunnies with many hanging from what was then-called Fairfax Station Bridge. For months, the police searched for Grifon (the alleged Bunny Man’s name) but it was futile. Then on Halloween night, several teens were hanging out under the bridge, just where the bunnies were. He also killed two children in the Clifton area. The Bunny Man’s alleged name is Douglas J. Grifon was an inmate that escaped while being transferred to Lorton, he was one of the three inmates that escaped but he killed one of his fellow escapees Marcus Wallster. Now of course, many people has different versions of the Bunny Man. The difference between Grifton and the Bunny Man is that the killer dressed in a bunny suit with an ax threatening children while the Bunny Man committed 7 gruesome murders, his “territory” is the railroad overpass near Fairfax Station frequently visited by partygoers. People might believe in the story because of stories their parents might make it up, internet, or the library. The Bunny Man is not real because he is dead, he has been dead for over currently 51 years. This is not a myth, but a real story!

Alexander Smith, Marist High School, DMSF

Image source: Wikipedia