Think Before You speak

Dear Ryan,

I think of myself as a caring, loving, and bright kid. All of my family and relatives often boast to my parents about how good of a kid I am. I want to give you advice about your mistakes and what you have done in the past. You are a really good kid and you have accomplished many things. Of course, not every kid is perfect, but you can do better. Be better. Learn from your mistakes.

There are several times when you may have said or done the wrong thing at the wrong time whether it’s at school or at home. You obviously do apologize and go along with your day. You just need to realize that if it happens more than one time you need to pause and think about it. You should consider how it affects the other person. If someone said something foul or mean to you and they didn’t realize it, how would you feel? I never asked myself this question and I never thought about how it would affect the other person. I remember saying something to Dad that was rude. I sounded ungrateful and spoiled. I took for granted what I had in life and didn’t think about other people’s lives. After this incident, I really thought more about what I should say before I say it.

I get it. Sometimes words slip out and that’s okay; we’re only human anyway. We make mistakes but we should learn from them. Don’t beat yourself up for a bad choice you made, but you should think about how you can improve and what you can do to make up for it. Always keep in mind that you are a good kid and that all you need to work on is thinking. Think before you act and think before you speak.


Ryan Santos

Concord Academy

Photo by fizkes on StockSnap