Why You Should listen to FRank SINATRA

Many people don’t listen to Frank Sinatra as much as in the past. The truth is that he really is a blast from the past. Younger people don’t listen to him mostly because they claim he is outdated. Yes, he is older, but his music is clearly more creative and knowledgeable than most singers these days. His music is very easy to sing to and his voice is smoothing. He does not use autotune and his music is catchy.

For example, he uses proper language and a sophisticated vocabulary. Artists like Drake, Young Broke Boy, and Little Pump use autotune and vocabulary that aren’t intelligent. His music isn’t explicit compared to most big hits from today. Frank Sinatra was the first person to receive a Grammy in the year of 1958. His songs inspire a very diverse set of emotions as well. One song can be inspiring and slow, unlike others which are romantic and fast paced. That why you need to listen to Frank Sinatra.

Marcos Mora De La Cruz

St. Ignatius