If I knew then what I know now

Dear smaller me,

Is everything doing well back then? If not, you should try and make the best of it. You probably don’t know what’s coming in the next couple of years, but it is going to start to get challenging. A challenge you will have to get ready for is called the Coronavirus(Covid 19). In the year 2021, you would already have been through a year of pandemic life from Covid-19. Reports of mass Covid cases have been slowly decreasing, so hopefully, it will end soon. 

You should listen to your parents more because trust me they know a lot more than you. They are trying to help you. When they tell you that they are teaching you Spanish don’t refuse it. They will tell you “We are going to talk to you all day in Spanish, ok?” But I said “No!” Now looking back at it, it could’ve helped in a variety of ways. Like when your grandma asks you “Tuviste un buen día?”(Did you have a good day?) you could respond to her. Now you are going to be confused when talked to in Spanish. If you ever get the opportunity to get taught Spanish say yes even though it might be difficult. Both of us could benefit from it so listen to your parents. 

There were a lot of opportunities in the past that I should’ve taken. If you ever have a strong passion for something just give it a try. Again, when your parents said “Try a sport or something!” you should really consider it. Having all of that practice while being younger will make it almost second nature now. For instance basketball, now that I love basketball having that extra ball-handling or shooting techniques will do nothing but help. If not basketball, music, now that I love music also you could’ve taken up an instrument and joined a band or something. Now I regret not doing any of these things.

Life won’t be all fun and welcoming so have fun now and when faced with challenges do not give up and try whatever you think you like. Do what makes you happy. Don’t let people get you down and do your best at everything you do. I hope you listen to me/you and remember these things because they WILL benefit you now. 


Your Future Self

Noah Landaverde – De La Salle – DMSF

Photo by Casey Horner on Unslpash