Who is this special person?

There are lots of people in this world who make sacrifices for you. My mom is one of those people which makes her so special to me. When someone is special to you, they are significant. My mothers name is Grace and the definition of this name includes the words generosity and goodness. A name that perfectly describes some of my mom’s character traits. The words goodness and generosity describe my mom because she always finds a way to play a helpful role when someone is trying to figure out how to make something work. Everytime she is driving and we see a homeless person, she pulls out money and gives it to them. She wants to help those who need it the most. My mother is kind, hardworking, caring, considerate and always finds a way to make my day complete. Everything she does is for my siblings and I to live a purposeful life. 

Like I mentioned before, my mom is someone who is special to me. One reason why she is special to me is because she’s always there for me when I need her. When I was younger, the sound of rain and thunderstorms used to scare me. I would wake up in the middle of the night crying and as soon as I called my mom’s name, she came. She knew I was scared so she didn’t even ask why I was crying. She just laid by my side and went to bed with me and knowing that she was by my side made me feel safe. She has a very nice smell so I knew that she was with me throughout the whole night. My mom always makes me feel loved and cared for. If nobody is there for me, I know that I can look up to my mom and her attitude and actions justify that. 

Another reason why my mom is special to me is because she is such a supportive person and she always congratulates me and shows that she is proud of me when I accomplish something. When I was awarded the Daniel Murphy Scholarship my mom was so proud of me. She started crying tears of joy and said to me “Congratulations Amanda! I am proud of you”. The day I informed my mom that I was the valedictorian of my 8th grade class she gave me a big hug and told me to keep it up. On the day of my graduation when she heard my speech, I looked at her and I could tell that she was pleased with the young lady that she raised. She didn’t even have to open her mouth and tell me how happy she was. I knew she was happy because when I looked at her, I could tell that she was touched by my speech and she had a smile on her face. Every time I do something, one of my goals is to make my mother proud and when I am able to do so, my heart glows. Seeing my mom delighted always puts a smile on my face.

Words can’t explain how grateful I am to have the wonderful mother that I have. She always puts a smile on my face even if my day isn’t going so well. I can ensure that I will always be there for my mom no matter what. I will always be the shoulder she can cry on, the one she can talk to, the person that she makes proud and the person that will love and support her forever. I love my mom so much and words can’t express that. My mom has done so many things for me and I will make it up to her with all the admiration that I have for her. The role of a mother is to provide comfort and guidance. They heal wounded hearts and kiss skinned knees. They mend broken hearts and teach their children how to create a bright future for themselves. My mom successfully plays the role of a mother and she does it so well. I love you mommy.

                                             -Amanda Takor (Loyola Academy) DMSF