Are video games Healthy?

A misconception about gaming is that they are bad for you health and are a waste of time. I am here to prove that video games can be good and they have significant benefits. Some examples of their benefits are that they can help you earn income and are healthy and fun.

One reason that video games can be helpful is because if you are really good at them they can become a source of income. There are some ways that you can make video games into your job. You can become a content creator and make videos for other people to see. This can generate income off of the videos that you make and post. This platform that you can post videos on is called youtube. There is
also Twitch where you can stream what you play. You can get a contract or sponsorship and earn income. There are other ways that you can get paid on Twitch. Twitch includes features where people can donate or buy subscriptions.

Another reason that video games are good is because they can be healthy. There are some types of games that require you to be active and this can be good for your health. For example, there is this games called Just Dance. This games requires you to be active by dancing. The game is played by doing the same move that your character is doing. Depending on how good the moves are being done you get points. There are multiple songs you can dance to. Another game that requires you to be active is called Ring Fit Adventure. The game includes going on an adventure and have to complete levels. In order to beat them you have do certain movements. These movements help your body and muscles.

These are some of the reasons that video games are good and their benefits. As you can see video games are not bad for your health or for you.

Ricardo Alvarado – DMSF

Loyola Academy

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash