IF I knew then what I know now…

Dear younger me,
How are things going for you? Not so great? It’s okay. It’s okay to feel scared and that everything will fall apart. You can get through it. Life is rough, but you’re the strongest person I know. No matter how bad things are. Remember, you need to persevere. Your joy is worth the fight. I wish I had known how important family, the importance of self care, and that not everything wrong in your life is your fault.

Right now COVID-19 is making you nervous and scared. It’s okay, you and your family will make it out okay. Things are rough and will be rough with your friends and family. It’s not your fault. By now you talked to your old friend and found out what happened to her. It was not in your control what happened to her. Bad people exist in the world, you can’t help everyone. Not all parents believe in mental health, you can’t help everyone. Some people decide it’s not worth it anymore, you can’t help everyone. People you know and love will get hurt, some more than others. It’s a part of life, as sad as it is. Not everything will work out. It’s a part of life you need to come to terms with.

So let me guess. You’d rather spend all day texting people who won’t be there for you in a few months then spend time with your siblings. I get it. A year ago I would have never wanted to speak to my siblings when I could be online. Half of the people you’re talking to are not real friends. Trust me, they are not worth your time. You are missing out on precious time with your family that you’ll never get back. Don’t take them for granted, or in a years time you’ll be doing your best to fix your relationships with your
family. Don’t spend your precious time on people that don’t appreciate and love who you truly are.

There’s so much I wish I would’ve known. All I know is that you deserve a good life. Bad things will happen. It’s the sad truth of life. Dedicate yourself to things to what you love. Never be embarrassed or ashamed of who you are. Be yourself, not what people expect you to be . You don’t deserve to pretend who you are. You owe it to yourself to be happy.

Future you

Liliana De La Torre – Fenwick High School – DMSF

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