If I knew then what I know now

Hello future me,

How are you doing so far? Still in contact with your family? Finished school yet? Are you closer to your younger brothers now? Well, I hope you are doing amazing. I would like to know how I changed.

So Covid-19 is coming to an end and I would like you to remember how life was during the pandemic and how everything changed. I had all of 8th grade digital and I never got to meet in person with anyone from my class. I will admit it was sad, but there was nothing I could do about it. Remember when we all stayed in the house and only left when we needed supplies? Another moment that you should remember is when Covid-19 cancelled the Smoky Mountains trip I really wanted to go on. It was very unfortunate.

Another thing I would like you to tell me about is if you have different relationships with your family. Are you closer to your brothers or no? How is the rest of the family doing? Are they all well and are you still talking to them? I hope you are because they are your only family so you must appreciate them. So far I have great relationships with my family and I hope you do too. Or if the relationships are bad, please try to improve them because they are family.

Have you made any new friends? How are your old friends and did you lose any? Hopefully you didn’t, but anything could happen in the future. If you made new friends they better be good friends and not bad friends. Or else it is going to be trouble. For me. Any friends change from before? If so they probably changed a lot or a little.

In conclusion, hopefully you read this future me in order to remind you of all the memories you had before and you won’t forget them.

Miguel Mendez

Fenwick High School – DMSF

Photo by Wes Hicks on Unsplash