Ewww It’s a bully

“Frog face give me your lunch money NOW!!” We’ve all witnessed and went through that challenge called “Bullying” It lowers our self esteem as a human being. Bullying works in different ways Physical, Mentally, Verbally. Student’s goes through it inside and outside of school even on social media, even adult’s go through this stage at jobs with employees. This is a big problem around the world, mainly to people who are called “different.” The bully begins to feel jealous of that person, so a bully does it’s job to hurt people and make them feel less of themselves. What they don’t know is how that person feels or what he/she goes through outside of their jobs or schools, some kids are poor, some may be abandoned by mom or dad, parents may be going through a divorce, etc. Did you know about 4,400 suicidal deaths occur almost every year from bullying. Crazy, right? Bullying can also affect us from going to School’s, Special events, Jobs. Mentally Going through trauma and depression. also it can cause physical affects such as… Headaches, Stomach pains and reduce of appetite. There are 3 different types of the impact of bullying… The Bullied, The Bystander, The Bully, The Bullied lasting affects are shame, Low self esteem, Anxiety, and weight change. The Bystander is the one who witnesses but does not do anything to help, Their lasting affects is doing drugs, Mental issues, Skipping class. They grow up often believing they are weak to prevent abusive conduct. The Bully lasting effects are aggression, Destructive behavior and criminal activity. 25% of the bullies are convicted of crimes. Preventing these act’s can help create a very safe environment. I don’t think we can prevent bullying but we can prevent personal aggression by seeking the person help in order for them to not take their anger out on somebody else and or changing the environment from retaliatory behavior. But lets say if you’re by yourself what can you do prevent from being bullied?

What I recommend is standing up to them. Bully’s often pick on someone that’s less powerless, then yet grow some courage and tell them to “leave you alone” or “to back off” that knocks the bully confidence a few notches they’ll leave you alone eventually and never mess with you again. If the bully is putting his hands on you any type of way run and tell somebody not just anybody though someone who looks trustworthy and who is willing to help you out with your situation. If you are thinking about picking on someone think to yourself and ask “what am I getting out of this?” What If that was me in that situation” Questions like that can help build your character and also can help prevent you from bullying others.

As a result bullying is not cool stand up for what’s right and break the cycle of pain and bring a change to bullying.

By Jeffrey Burton

School-De La Salle Institute