If I knew then What i know now

The years have past so rapidly and now I am in a program of the DMFS scholarship I was awarded. I am in my writing class and I have to create a piece writing to my past self. I actually wish I did this early because it could have been very beneficial. Their is so many things I would like to say to my past self including advice, and situations that could have been avoided. I wish I knew then that it is ok what people say and to take their criticsm as something positive and learn from it. I remember one time I was presenting my climate change presentation and the students were giving me feedback and I felt like I didn’t need it, but I wish I took it positively to use it to improve my presentation. Even though it might have been stressful I wish I knew that things would be better moving on and to always maintain a positive attitude. I wish I knew the that learning might be hard, but challenges are meant to grow your brain and to always keep a growth mindset. I wish I knew that challenges are meant to be faced and not but aside. I used to be very negative and think that I would never overcome that challenge. I wish I didn’t feel like challenges were a bad thing but instead a good thing. I remember once being faced by having so much homework in school that I was getting overwhelmed. I remember I was very negative in thinking I would fail and get only F’s. I also wish that someone had told me back then that it is better to stay in and study for a test then go out to play or other unimportant distractions. You could always play later, but this test won’t come again and their might not be an opportunity to retake it. I remember one time my friends invited me to go shopping, but the next day was a huge test, but I didn’t want to study late, I still decided to go and I didn’t see the bad of it until now since I didn’t get the best grade I could have on the test. Their is so many benefits to facing challenges and having a growth mindset. You could have a better path for the future and you will have an advantage with the support you are receiving. I wish I knew to always look forward and not back. I wish I looked back at the positives and the future instead on reflecting on the negative and what I did wrong and trying to convince myself that the negatives are caused by me. I remember I failed a test and I looked back on it for a long time thinking that it could have been avoided. It can have been avoided, but I wish I knew that the past is in the past. Your future is so bright ahead and don’t ever doubt yourself always keep going.

Jacqueline Ramirez-Lopez – De La Salle – DMSF

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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