The Mummy Curse

The Mummy Curse, was one of the Many Conspiracy theories for the sinking of the Titanic. Time before the sailing of the Titanic, British Writer William Stead said there was a Mummy brought on board from London that was causing major destruction and disaster. And that the curse made it’s way onto the ship by people entering the boat. A month After the sinking, Washington Post ran a headline titled:Ghost of the Titanic: Vengaence of the Hoodoo Mummy.

What really made it sink

After some further Inspections of the sinking and theorizing of what really made the Titanic sink, it was only the Iceberg that made it sunk all the way to the bottom of the ocean. The so called “Mummy” was never actually on board in the Titanic, it was sitting calmly at the British Museum and never was brought to the ship.

Mummy Theories

People believed that the mummy had something to do with the sinking but never knew if it was the real reason. Because they believed it was the mummy, people thought that since it was “boarded” the so called curse it had made it to sink.

Samuel Bravo – De La Salle Institute – DMSF

Photo by Alwi Alaydrus on Unsplash