To you, many years from now

This is a letter to my future self.

My name is D’Andre Juarez, a fresh man in high school, I am writing a letter to myself for the future. I want to write about something to remind my future self about how me now views the world. I think the world is a beautiful however it can be unbearably cruel at times. There is so much to look forward to, so much to be excited about, however with good there is always bad. The world can be so evil to those living on it. It will flood towns and destroy cities. A cruel place this world is indeed. That is how I currently as ,a 14 year old sees the world. There is so much to look up to, but there will always be things to look down upon. Although it may seem like a pessimistic way to view the world I do not hate the world. I just think that it has a long way to go until we as humans will work to fix the world. I would also like to remind my future self about how I view myself as a person and what I do and do not like. I do not think I am a bad person, however I also know I am not a good person. I have a neutral attitude towards myself because I do not think I deserve to have a over boisterous attitude nor do I think I deserve to have a solemn attitude towards myself. I am a quiet kid who does not like to draw attention to themselves, I do not like being the center of attention and I do not think I ever will. This is how I ,as of current, views myself. I am Living on the south side of Chicago in a loud neighborhood. I do not like this neighborhood. It is dangerous and dirty. I want to live in a quiet and safe neighborhood. My favorite food is anything pasta related. Pasta is a very good food in my opinion there is so much variety and so many different flavors. It is hard to ever get tired of pasta, on the other hand I do not like foods with too much grease. They can be good at times but I can never eat it without thinking about how much grease is being put into my body. I do not mind eating unhealthy foods like chips or chocolate but I just can not stand greasy food. I love animals of all kinds from small to big. Animals are my soft spot I do not think you can go wrong with loving animals. Those are my likes and dislikes, as of current. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this I really tried my best.

D’Andre Juarez Marist High School


Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay