Tom clancy’s: RAINBOW SIX SIEGE : the game you didn’t know you needed.

Hello, I am Dewayne Lamb, I really enjoy videogames and out of all the ones I do play, I think I would say that Tom Clancy’s: Rainbow Six Siege (R6) has to be your next purchase. R6 is a tactical and communicative team based 5v5 shooter game created November of 2015, reaching more than 70 million active players in May 2021, I believe teens and adults should try this out immediately.

I believe teens should try out this game because this could really build their communication skills and strategizing. With R6 being a game focused on thinking before you act, this could help your kid learn to think more efficiently and constantly. It can teach a kid to plan ahead. This also falls under communication skills, a kid could learn how to talk to other players, learn good sportsmanship, and make friends with people possibly all across the world. And if you’re a kid interested in the police force or army, this is also an amazing game to test out, it can teach you callouts and can improve focus, your attention to small things, and stealth.

On to the adults, Adults are people who should really hop on this game. This game, just like a teen, could improve your attention to small things, improve focus skills, and stealth as well. With most of the player base being 16+, you could find a new friend, your dream team, or some people you can just play with every few months. As an adult, finding games that are fun for you can be vary, due to the amount of other things you could do. But the thing that makes R6 stand out for adults is that it gives an amazing storyline, for all the fans of reading and drama, and a stress free gaming experience, if you’re not competitive of course.

This concludes on why I believe that everyone should consider buying Tom Clancy’s: Rainbow Six Siege. My opinions on the game can vary, while I do really enjoy the game and I could see myself improving socially throughout the years of playing with others, the game’s concept is simple to understand but the gameplay can be very complicated. With having to focus on a lot of things to get better and people already being really good though you started 2 days ago. But, if you can train in single player mode for a while, maybe hop in a match or two, you could really find yourself liking if not addicted to that game.

DeWayne Lamb – Providence St. Mel