What should I have done differeNtly?

Dear past version of myself,

I am writing to inform you at all the things you can achieve by just making a few decisions throught your time. Sure trying to alter the past may be bad but hear me out. You should try and learn many more things through your time so that in the future you can get alot more opportunitie, you can also try and evoid getting into trouble because let me tell you it did not age well with me. You may know that our mistakes is just what makes us… us, but you see if we didn’t make the mistakes that we have made we would be in a different kind of state now. There are of course many things I would tell you to evade ranging from personal things all the way to academic things but really all I can say is just try and think more before you do things. I can’t really tell you the specific things to look out for because you probably will not understand them and know how to evade them due to time, but just try and think ahead so that I wouldn’t have to write this to you. Sure there is a time that I really want to get rid of and resolve but now I am scared to think of how life would be different without it. So if you really are going to change try and make these thoughtful changes so that you can at least be happy with the change. Since there will never be a time machine for us to change our future or you we should just try and focus on your time now so that you can at least make some kind of beneficial changes for the future. But until then don’t go worrying about trying to do the right thing for the future because I am certain everything will play out in the end and all the choices you make will work out for the better.


Your future self

Andrian Kovorotnyy – St. Ignatius


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