You should try playing Minecraft; Here’s why

Hello reader, I know you are looking for something to play, something to do, something new that you should try. Well I know a game that will certainly be able to help you with just that. This game is called Minecraft, and you may not know what Minecraft actually is. I will explain to you everything you’ll need to know about the game before you try it out for yourself.

The Origin of Minecraft:

   Minecraft was first created on May 17th 2009 by Swedish game developer Markus “Notch” Persson. Before it was called Minecraft, it had the name of Cave Game and it was a very simple game where you just placed and destroyed blocks. There wasn’t much to do back in those days, so it kept getting updated and updated since then. The developers started adding new features that would make the game more and more enjoyable. The official release of the fully completed version was released to the public on November 18, 2011. A few years later, slightly different versions of the game were released for console and mobile as well and these versions today are called the console and Bedrock editions of Minecraft. 

  Gamemodes for Minecraft:

Minecraft has a few known game modes that come with the game itself once you purchase it. Two of these modes can be played both by yourself or with friends while the third mode is multiplayer exclusive. One of the modes is called survival mode where you have to start off by gathering food and materials. The goal of this mode is to be able to defeat The Ender Dragon and be able to go to struggling for survival, to finish the game off by being incredibly powerful and being dominant.

  There is another mode that the game consists of and this mode is called creative mode and it has a lot more freedom than survival mode does. In creative mode, you have access to every block and item and you can never die in it. Creative mode is a mode where there is no goal but it is just for the player to build, destroy, fight and to let their creativity free, hence the name. This mode in particular allows the player to be able to recreate anything that comes to your mind with absolutely no restrictions that would hinder being able to let ideas roll off the mind.

   The last way of being able to play is playing online with the entire world with servers both on the Java PC edition or the Bedrock edition that can be played on multiple different forms of devices. These servers are ways to play a wide majority of mini games with many players around the world, testing your skills of the game against players of the world. This provides challenge to a player and it allows the player to take on new playing styles that will help with the mini games and even for the rest of the game.

The Minecraft Community:

The Minecraft community has existed for a very long time and it has been extremely popular during the 2010’s and there are millions upon millions of players in the world. there are plenty of big names in the game as well such as Mumbo Jumbo, Technoblade, Dream and many, many more big names in the community. This community is one of the biggest gaming communities in the entire world and there is endless things to do in the community, playing online, meeting new people who love the game a lot, watching game play of people playing modifications of the game, server game play, tutorial and fact videos and also game play of the core game itself. There are endless possibilities in when playing and unlike other games, Minecraft will be full of great opportunities that will spark the interests of many video game players and people alike. This particular game truly is a game like no other, the amount of game modes, the community, big names in the community, and it will be absolutely fun!!! 

  How Minecraft has benefit me throughout the years:

This game has done a lot of good things for me throughout all these years, especially when I was a bit younger. It was able to help me build teamwork skills, build creativity and to sharpen my strategic thinking, which is able to help me with a lot of life skills. It has also created some very memorable moments with my friends and family. These memories have made my childhood that much better. I will always be grateful for how the game has made my friends and myself so happy throughout all these years.

  With all of the great things this game has offered and done, I really think that it would be the perfect game for anybody like you who really wants to find a great game like this. I know that Minecraft would be a very good game for a person like you and that it will create great memories that will last forever and it will be able to benefit your real life skills as well. If you haven’t tried it yet, well go ahead and try it, I guarantee that you will like it and it will do all these amazing things for you like it has for my friends and I. Thank you for reading.

Written by Joseph Snyder Avila: Holy Trinity


Photo by Nina PhotoLab on Unsplash