Dear Future Me

Dear Future Me,

Hi, future me! How are you? How’s school and did you meet any new friends? Are you still friends with people in elementary school? Are you doing better? I’m doing great. Although this summer has been stressful, to say the least, I’ve been handling the situation pretty well. Now for my question about feeling any better, have you been
able to find people you can trust in? I want to remind you that although I hope you do have someone you trust, don’t feel pressured because trustworthy people are hard to find. Right now I may not have someone I fully trust with everything but I do have people I can tell specific things to without worrying about being judged. Are sports
still your outlet when you’re feeling down? Right now because I have summer bridge I can’t really go to the pool or the gym. I hope you have found better ways to calm yourself down.

I sent you this message because I wanted to say that you shouldn’t be anti-social. I know I have not been the most social person these past 3 years but you are never going to get the whole high school experience if you don’t talk and make friends. You know this year I was in person but because I didn’t talk to anyone over quarantine when I got to school I quite literally had no one. Even though I did make 2 amazing friends I regret not talking to more people.

Here is some advice you can take. Firstly, make eye contact when talking to anyone and don’t ever look down. Secondly, reach out to people or make small conversations with others. Thirdly, if someone asks you a question in a way that will keep the conversation going, and if they want to keep talking they will also try to keep the
conversation going. Also taking a hint on when someone doesn’t want to have a conversation with you will be helpful. Lastly, remember that there are going to be people who won’t want to talk to you and that’s okay, don’t blame yourself for it, and don’t overthink it either. I am hopeful that you will take this advice and use it
throughout the rest of your journey through high school and even through college.

13 year old me

Dyana Santoyo (Woodlands Academy of the Sacred Heart)-DMSF