If I knew Then WHat I know Now.

Dear Younger me, We have been through a lot these last two years. I want you to know I am so proud of our progress as a person. COVID-19 was a struggle but we got ourselves together mentally and physically. I know you’re wondering a lot of things: What high schools should I apply for? When are our AAU games? Will I really get this Scholarship ? Everything in life will not always go our way, but that’s only for greater good, but I need you to work on something. RELATIONSHIPS! I need you to know right now that people aren’t gonna bring the same energy you bring. This hurt me now because someone YOU are close to now, betrays us later. You always need to be confident in yourself when you do anything including Math and Athletics. It’s always about your attitude when it comes to learning things, if you act like you don’t have your flaws like everyone else people won’t respect you as a person. Everything happens for a reason and its in our hands on how we take it ! If you feel anxiety in anyway don’t keep it to yourself because it makes it worse, buy a journal to write down your feelings. We will get through this year and hold up our Diploma with Pride. I also need you to fix those bad food habits you have, I recommend you start drinking protein shakes and eating foods without a lot sugar. Keep your head up Jake, always try your best with everything you do.


Jacob Golden – Mount Carmel High School – DMSF