If I knew Then What I Know Now

Dear younger me,

Hey, it’s the future of you. I want to give you some advice. I know this is probably random, but I want to make sure you make the right decisions. I wanted to tell you to pick the right friends. You are a kind, funny, and intelligent kid. I know you are probably confused, but let me explain. People who say they are your “friend” or “best friend” are not. It’s cool to be nice to everyone, but don’t friend everyone. Something Ma always said, “Don’t be paranoid but trust no one.” That means don’t be scared but don’t trust everyone. She told me that quite often, and it stuck with me. I want you to be the happiest you can be. You do not need to be friendless, but be aware of whom you pick to be your friends. You are going to have amazing friends, and you are going to have terrible friends.

I’ll be honest you ended up not having good friends. They disrespected you, annoyed you, ignored you, wanted to argue all the time, and so many other instances. Dad would come into my room and say, “If they annoy you so much, stop talking to them.” They were the only friends you talked to the most. They were the ones that you were on the phone with the most. They would block you and joke about it. You would always apologize to them even if the situation turned out not to be your fault. They would always say, “If we drop you, you won’t have any more friends after us.” That meant if they wanted to stop talking to me, I wouldn’t have any friends. Trust me. You had other friends, but you guys weren’t close yet. I couldn’t cope with it. These “best friends” would call you fake when you weren’t the fake one. One day, you stop talking to them. You realized they were terrible friends for you. They treated you horribly. The messed-up part is they didn’t apologize on their behalf. They called you all types of things. There was especially one that was so disrespectful. It was a swear word guys are not supposed to call girls. Other times you would get ignored. I know how much you didn’t enjoy it, even if you apologized.

I know what I said doesn’t sound too pleasant, but it’s a warning to watch whom you hang around. You are going to have amazing friends. Always remember that you have a great personality. Anyone would be lucky as pie to be friends with you. Again, please remember don’t call everyone your friend. That word is overused when you are not close with some people. You can be on good terms with everyone. The friends you have now, you might somehow drift apart. It’s normal. That’s how life is. Remember that life goes. Continue to make the right choices. Oh, by the way, remember to work hard in school. It will pay off once you see all the accomplishments you have achieved. I love you! Good luck and stay kind!

Your future self,

Spencer Dunbar- Francis Parker-DMSF

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