It’s not just a game

Soccer/football is the most renowned sport in the entire world, going all the way back to 1863 where the English invented what now is the most iconic sport in the world.

Soccer is so unique from other sports because you use your feet and requires a lot of different attributes that also relate to other sports. For example, it requires Stamina, Strength, Speed, Agility, and ball control. This is a requirement for pretty much every position. 

                                                   What are the benefits?

There are mental and physical benefits to playing soccer. The mental benefits are productive skills you will take on in life, for example, Teamwork, Sportsmanship, Empathy, Courage, and Conflict management. These skills are not only beneficial in the field but also in your life. The physical benefits include losing body fat, bone strength, flexibility, endurance, and cardiovascular health in general. 

                                                Never give up

When you first try it out it feels impossible and so difficult to touch the ball or maybe your just not fit. You might even think of giving up but I would say keep on trying because I was in the same position as you once. After a while of doing a lot of ball control drills or running, you start getting the hang of it and you wouldn’t feel as fatigued as before. This is because you have strengthened your muscles and your cardiovascular system without even knowing it. Now when you go out for a run you will not feel tired and you can show how Soccer helped you not only with your ball skills but also your endurance. Now the ball control skills are something you have to work on for years because in order to be good you have to be comfortable with your feet and not get frustrated if something doesn’t go your way. You will never be perfect but you need to be as close as possible because in Soccer one critical error with the ball can cost you the whole game.

                                                        The best 

Soccer is so unique from other sports because of everything you need to work on to become good, like dribbling, shooting, defending, running.  It’s just such an amazing sport you HAVE to try. Let me know if you do try it out and if you enjoyed it.

Kevin Manzanilla – Walter Payton High School – DMSF