Life Lessons

By: Ashley Duenas

There are always things that people do that they will regret later on in life and that’s okay because people make mistakes all the time. There were a lot of mistakes made in the past because of the fact that I was just so stressed out with school and tired at the time. For example I would forget to do homework or not even do it. I didn’t pay attention to how that was going to impact me later because I felt more relaxed when I didn’t do my work. I soon learned though that my grades were going down and because of that I got into a little bit of trouble. I was also very independent, I felt that no one would want to help me or hear about how I felt. That’s why I never really relied on anyone let alone trust them. Because of this I would like you my past self to read about a few things I wished I knew when I was younger which will help me in the future.

Past me wasn’t the best and it felt as if I was being pressured to succeed which changed the way I acted in front of others. If I were to tell my past self something is to try to rely on others. Don’t be scared to ask help from others because it is good to get advice from others every once in a while. You’re not alone and there are people out there who are willing to help you out so don’t feel like you’re alone. Also don’t put yourself down just because you don’t get something right or because you  failed. There will always be more chances to succeed in the future.You should also consider putting your feelings out there more. Good things can come from expressing and saying how you feel. One more thing I know is it’s hard losing people you care about and thinking that they’re always going to be around you but that is not true. Don’t think it’s your fault that they left since it’s not. Nothing is ever your fault so don’t say it is. 

 Just a reminder I’m not trying to change you, I’m just trying to tell you about the reality of life and trying to prepare you for challenges you may face ahead. School can be very hard and stressful, and yes sometimes you may feel like you want to give up but that’s okay just try to relax a little. With all that being said I hope you do take something from what I said and have a fun experience learning more about yourself as you grow up.

Ashley Duenas – Mother McAuley Liberal Arts High School – DMSF