take a break to meditate

I know at some point you’ve felt stressed about a situation. What can effectively calm your mind in seconds? Meditation. Yes, meditation! You’re probably thinking, “it seems useless.” Hear me out, just hear me out! Meditation is not only beneficial for stress, there are many other benefits that can come from meditating. Do not worry, I have statistics to come with my opinion. 

About 76% of people that have used meditation have stated that their wellness is their number one priority. Additionally, it has also improved memory and attention for people by 50%. Furthermore, a study revealed that meditating for as short as 13 minutes daily has strengthened attention and memory after 8 weeks. As a result of meditating it can reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and pain.

Now, onto how it has changed my life to a large extent. My friend had introduced me to meditation and I decided to try it out. I watch videos on youtube with meditation music and a person leading you. Most of the videos I watched the person has an angelic and calming voice which is what makes the situation greater. It was most definitely the best choice that I could have made. It has decreased the amount of anger I had for myself. Not only did it relieve stress but it also boosts my energy. I can most definitely tell you that meditating has been useful and beneficial.

Finally, think about everything you just read. It won’t hurt just to try it out, it’ll take at least 10 minutes of your time. You have nothing to lose! Trust me, it will be a peaceful time. Take a slight break for “you time”, you deserve it. Don’t be lazy, get up and take some time out of your day for yourself. Try it out one day, you’ll thank me later!

Vivian Mendez – Morton West High School – DMSF